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How-To #49: Connect USB Devices & Peripherals to Android with USB Host

Do you have an USB device that you want to connect to your Android? Most USB devices (such as mouses, keyboard, xbox dongles, flash drives, and even external hard-drives) are capable of running on the Android system. 

You may need to purchase a converter, as most phones use microusb, if your device does not have a standard USB port. USB host comes with Android 3.0(Honeycomb) and newer. There are times when the ROM or firmware that you have on your Android operating system may not have the driver/software for that particular device. 

That said, it is pretty rare to find a peripheral that is not supported. 

Requirement to run USB host. 
- Android 3.x and up
- Some USB host enabler that is specific for your device(most are micro-usb)


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