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Update The New Google Play Store Manually

If you havn't heard by now, Google has decided to change some of the names of its apps - mostly by adding "Play" to the title. 

Not sure what kind reasoning they had to do this, but I am pretty sure they know what they are doing (I hope!). 

Apps that had a title change:
Google Android Market = Google Play Store
Google Music = Google Play Music
Google Books = Google Play Books
Google Movies = Google Play Movies

Google Play Store can be updated manually by copying and installing the Google Play Store apk below.

4/04/2012 Google Play Store 3.5.16 - Faster then .15 and some slight changes to UI
3/13/2012 Google Play Store 3.5.15
3/07/2012 Google Play Store 3.4.6 - Title and other minor changes from Google Market 3.4.4. 


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