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How-To #45: How to Hide/Delete Android Devices on Google Market Account

Now that I have been using Android for over 5 years, the list of Android devices on my Android market has grown to become a huge database of unused and dysfunctional Android devices. After upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 and finding it near impossible to efficiently select the desired Android device to simply install an app using the Android Market's website, I decided it was time for some cleaning(see picture below). 

Unfortunately, and even after much complaint, Google still has not added a "delete" feature for devices on Android Marketclearly to emphasize their love for hording and dominance over your history and data. Until they do, we will have to manage with a work around; hiding the device from view. See below for instructions.

List of old, unused, incompatible devices

1. Go to Google Market "My Account".
2. Click on "Settings" tab.
3. Click on "Visibility" of the phone you want to hide.
4. Select "Hidden in menus" option.
5. Click "Update".
6. Thats it! The device will be hidden. You may want to change the name too.


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