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How-To #44: Play Flash Games On Android

As you know, one of the major selling point of Android over iOS is the ability to play Flash content. While the Android OS handles Flash flawlessly using Adobe Flash Player, I find myself having trouble playing Flash games through the web browser

Plugging in a bluetooth mouse would easily solve the problem, but in most cases, I am playing the Flash game on the go, with no mouse readily available. So using the touch screen to control the flash games is the only option.  

The browser app was not designed for gaming purposes; it would commonly mistake the touch commands for the game as a scroll, zoom, or some other unwanted action. So the true problem was: how to play flash, or swf files, on Android outside of the browser?

Swf Player app does exactly this. It lets you run any flash media, flash application, or flash game using a file manager. The only drawback is that the swf file must be downloaded onto the Android device.

Take a look at the screenshots below for some direct comparison between  Nanaca+Crash flash game running SWF player and the web browser.
Flash Game With SWF Player
Flash Game Running in Browser
With the SWF Player app you not only have the Android Games in the market at your finger tips but also millions of awesome flash game that has been created over the last century. 

For instructions on how to download swf files using Firefox and Google Chrome


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