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Review Corner: Motorola MOTOLUXE

The Motorola Motoluxe, expected for release in February/March 2012, is Motorola’s attempt to create an affordable, large screen, Android smartphone. The MOTOLUXE, alongside the Defy Mini, is one of Motorola’s first releases since Motorola Mobility - the mobile phone side of the business - was acquired by Google. 

Many saw this as a move by Google not necessarily to turnaround a struggling part of the Motorola business but rather an attempt to expand their patented technology portfolio to use in other future Google phones. Nevertheless, the Google owned phone makers announced in 2011 their intention to release the two new attempts to break into the smartphone market.

The MOTOLUXE, with its large 4inch, 480 x 854 pixel screen on the front and a sharp 8 megapixel camera on its back with a built in zoom feature, certainly looks like a potential leader in the low-cost market. It’s very unlikely to ever rival the likes of the iPhone but then it was never really intended to as Motorola look to capitalise on this low-budget market.

How-To #44: Play Flash Games On Android

As you know, one of the major selling point of Android over iOS is the ability to play Flash content. While the Android OS handles Flash flawlessly using Adobe Flash Player, I find myself having trouble playing Flash games through the web browser

Plugging in a bluetooth mouse would easily solve the problem, but in most cases, I am playing the Flash game on the go, with no mouse readily available. So using the touch screen to control the flash games is the only option.  

The browser app was not designed for gaming purposes; it would commonly mistake the touch commands for the game as a scroll, zoom, or some other unwanted action. So the true problem was: how to play flash, or swf files, on Android outside of the browser?

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