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How-To #43: Setup Google Cloud Print For Android & PC

Printing can be difficult sometimes; when the only printer you have is not connected to the network. You would then have to save whatever website, email, or document you are viewing from your printer-less laptop or Android device and send it to the PC with printer connectivity. All that work just to print a simple page. 

With Google Cloud Print, that time consuming process is a thing of the pass. The files you want to print is sent securely through the web, or "cloud". Since its sent through the internet, you can print anywhere, anytime, and without any printer drivers. It also doesn't matter if its a tablet, phone, laptop, tv, or PC; there are no boundaries to Google Cloud Print.
You can setup Google Cloud Print with Google "Cloud Ready" Printers or with the classical usb/network printers you have connected at home. For the Cloud Ready printers, all there needs to be done is plugging it in to the network using the instructions provided by the manufacturer, which most of the time is plug and play. For classical printers, you would need to use a "Google Cloud Printer Connector". The connector is basically the original PC with the printer installed linked up with Google Chrome.

How To Set up Google Cloud Print With Classical Printers
These instructions will enable the "Google Cloud Connect". This will bridge the connection between the printer enabled PC with any other devices.

- Latest version of Google Chrome
- Printer already installed to the original PC

- Open Google Chrome on origin PC(the one with the printer installed)
- In Google Chrome, sign-up/log in to your Google Account on the Windows or Mac computer
- Click the wrench icon toolbar in the top right hand corner. 
- Select Options/Preferences.
- Press Under the Hood tab.
- Go to “Google Cloud Print” section at the bottom and "Click Sign in to Google Cloud Print".
Note: This will enable the "Google Cloud Print Connector" for your machine once you are signed in.

- Confirm and Finish printer registration at the prompt.
- The next prompt will allow you to Manage your printers or to learn more.
Optional: Go to Google Cloud Print Page and click "Try Now" to print a test page using Google Cloud

A few notes/tips
- The PC with the printer connected must be powered on and have access to the internet
- You must use Chrome and must be logged into Google Account with printer permission to use the desired printer. (tip: upload the document to Google Doc and print them from there)
- Press Ctrl+P in Chrome and select "Print To Google Cloud Print" under the list of selected printer to print.
- You can share other Google Accounts users access to your printer (select "Printers" on the left hand side -> select the printer -> click "Share")
How To Print With Google Cloud Print On Android Phones and Tablets
As of this article, Google does not natively support any Android apps for Google Cloud Print. However, there are many third party applications available on the market that enables this feature. Insturctions on setting up PrinterShare app is below. Keep in mind that this is not a free application and requires a $12 key. Cloud Print is a free alternative to PrinterShare that you may want to consider. 

Google Cloud Printer Connector(instructions above) and/or Google Cloud Ready Printer is installed

1) Install the PrinterShare and touch on "Continue" at the prompt
2) Open browser or any app of your choice and find something to print
3) Select the "Print" button below

4) Tap on the menu/setting button 
5) Select "Google Cloud Print"

6) Select the Google Account associated with the printer
7) Select the Printer to begin printing


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