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Android Game Review: Colosseum Heros

Gamevil recently released Colosseum: Heros, a sequel to the popular Colosseum. The game is basically the extension of the first, with more spells and even more baddies. 

The game lets you select between a knight or vampire. The character that is selected has a unique path for the skills and the equipment, which is purchased from the armory screen before each battle. 

Like most free games, you also have the option to buy premium items. Once equipped with the spells and equipment, the hero is then thrown into the arena to battle for glory, honor, and gold(exactly as seen below).

Although the content has been extended to great lengths, there is not much more then leveling the character, killing monsters, and buying items. The game is essentially a repetitive hack-n-slash with no story or much substance.

The selling point of Colosseum Heros is the price: free (Colosseum is at $.99). There is no reason to turn down a pretty decent game with great looking graphics as this.

Coloseum Hero Features:
- New challenge mode
- Customize and equip 7 levels of 126 spells
- Choose a human gladiator or vampire
- Over 15 different types of monsters
- Premium content


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