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Android 4.0 x86 Live Installation Images Released

Once again the Android x86 Project team has released the latest version of the Android OS live CDs, Android 4.0 IceCream, for x86 processors(the cpus that is running on your PC). While Android 4.0 still has many bugs and is unavailable on most Android phones, it is worth the install an Android Virtual Machine to see what it has to offer. Download links are below.

While this release may not seem significant to most Android users, big chip manufacturers now has the ability to use the source code to build a heavy competition against ARM in the mobile market; ARM currently has a monopoly over most of the Android mobile CPU market, since Android was not designed for x86(intel/amd) architecture. With the mobile market constantly expanding, Intel and AMD will no doubt want in on the piece of the profit.

Laws of economics has shown over and over again that competition will drive the cost down and improve quality.

Android Live 4.0 CD Images On Google Code:
android-x86-4.0-devel-amd_brazos.iso - 191 MB

Android 4.0 IceCream Demo


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