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Android 3.2 For Samsung Galaxy 10.1

With Android 4.0 Icecream just over the horizon, Samsung finally decides to upgrade the users of highly popular Galaxy 10.1 with Android 3.2(Read the change log). While some are having trouble with the build, many are successful in the transition. You can grab the file Android 3.2 For Odin | Mirror For Odin(Pass: and flash it with ODIN to begin using it now! Alternatively, you can flash with CWM using Android 3.2 for CWMInstructions on flashing with Odin is below.

Samsung 10.1 USB Driver(Find your device and run the exe)

How To Flashing With Odin
~Make sure you have odin 3 1.85
~Download the update
~Backup the device
~Recommended: wipe using ClockWorkMod(Root users only)
~Reboot and start up in download mode
Samsung Galaxy Devices Download Mode 
- Turn the device off + unplug 
- Wait 30 sec(screen off doesn't mean the device has finished turning off) 
- Press-and-hold the power button and very shortly after (0.5 seconds, but not simultaneously) press-and-hold the left volume button 
- Release the buttons as soon as you see something on screen. You should be looking at a USB icon and a digging Android. 
- Make sure the digging Android is flashing. If the USB icon is flashing, press the left volume button to switch to the Android. 
- Press the right volume button to select and enter download mode
~Start Odin first before connecting your tab to the PC
~Wait for odin to detect your tab ( the ID:COM box will be highlighted yellow... If you don't see it, then the USB driver is not connected correctly!)
Flashing Samsung Galaxy With ODIN 
- Make sure the following is:
-- Re-Partition: NOT checked
-- Auto Reboot: checked-- F. Reset Time: checked 
-- Flash Lock: NOT checked-- Phone EFS clear: NOT checked 
-- Phone Bootloader Update: NOT checked 
put "android_fastboot_emmc_full_p4_16G_32G.pit" file in pit, and "P7510XABKME_P7510UEKME_HOME.tar" in pda. 
~Hit START button (it will take approx 2 to 5 mins to flash)
~If all successful then you will see a green Pass on Odin


Anonymous said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Why are the downloads about 330MB while the over the air update is 67MB? Rather a large discrepancy.

Tony Le said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

@Roger Binns

Probably because the ota is only an update, whereas these are full installs

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