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Choose the Perfect Android Anti-Virus Software for You

Do you know which features your Android antivirus software actually needs? Aside from its ability to clean up and determine computer viruses, adware and spyware programs, it has to have an updated database of well-known virus threats and it has to be able to look for infections on important system files, as well.

Other than that, mobile application inspections for viruses and real-time scanning would be important features to watch out for along with anti-theft protection. The program shouldn't have a hard time finding the device in case it is stolen, either, and it should be able to keep the information on it safe and secure. Another feature you might want to take into consideration would be the ability to check for SMS service content.

What Is Rooting On Android? Is Rooting Right For You?

People who have recently purchased a mobile phone or tablet computer which runs on the Android operating system may have been made aware of the potential to root the device. Typically most people will be completely unaware of what this entails, in which case it would be pertinent to ask “what is rooting on Android?”

So What is Rooting? 
Rooting Android devices essentially means giving the owners extended privileges. This would allow them to be able to customize various aspects of the software which would otherwise be very strictly controlled. Originated from Linux, the term "Root" is coined from the owner having to obtain superuser rights from logging in as a "Root" user/id. Thus, the process where the user goes through to obtain superuser permissions on an Android device(linux based) it is referred to as "Rooting". 
How Do I Get Root?
The method of rooting Android devices varies depending on the make and model of the phone or tablet. Android is an operating system which is used in handsets by many different manufacturers, and so it is important for anybody who is thinking of attempting to root their device to carefully research the correct specific procedure. Any mistakes which are made could render the device useless, and since the procedure invalidates the warranty this could be very costly to the owner.

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