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How-To #40: Remotely Access Android Devices

You may be familiar with using the Android device to remotely access the home desktop PC but did you know that you can do the opposite and control the Android device remotely using USB or WiFi? There is probably that one person in your life that has little or no experience using the Android system. With this app, it makes setting up or debugging their Android device a painless experience. The app that will be used is in beta and is for Root users only.

- Root
- *Optional* Android SDK, adb shell, and Android USB driver: Needed for USB remote connection

How To Remotely Access An Android Device:
1) Download and Install Droid VNC Server on your Android Phone.
2) Install VNC client on your Computer.
3) Connect to your WiFi access point.
4) Setup complete. Now you can start control and access your android remote
Optional** For USB 
5) Forward port 5901 from phone to pc using: 
adb forward tcp:5901 tcp:5901
6) In VNC client Connect to:

Keybindings : Android - PC
Back – Esc
Search – Ctrl
End Call – End or Mouse Mid Button
Home – Home or Mouse Right Button
Menu – Pg Up
Start Call – F3

If this application don't work for you, there is the Android Screen Cast option. This app only has USB connectivity only.


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