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How-To #38: Build the Android NDK

Did you know that you can integrate C/C++ code into your Android app? Sure, Android runs on the Java platform, but with the Android NDK companion tool, you can build performance critical portions in native code.

For you C/C++ junkies, just think of it like coding Assembly inside C/C++ for that extra performance increase. The Android app that uses the NDK tool will still be packed into the .apk file and can run on any Android device or virtual machine.

There are many limitations and most applications will see little performance increase from using the NDK, but there are still many good candidates that could greatly benefit from using the NDK. These are typically self-contained, CPU intensive operations(such as digital signal processing and physics simulation). 
Requirements: Installed Android SDK

How To Install The Android NDK:
1) Download Android NDK 
2) Unzip the file into any folder
3) Optional: make sure you have a linux envirnoment: If you are a windows user, download Cygwin
4) In the console type:
5) Done! the NDKscript will do the rest.


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