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Android Game Review: Third Blade

Com2us has finally ported over their popular hack n slash game, Third Blade, from iPhone/iPad. This is your typical side scroll slasher, where the enemies come in the dozens and where your goal is to spam attacks and skills to get to the next level. This game stays true to the proven methodology of hack n slash gameplay. If this style is your cup of tea, then know that this game pretty well executed for a free game(Apple App store sells it for $1.99). The animation is beautiful and the skills are plentiful. The customization on the other hand is a bit lackluster, as the character attributes are set in stone from stage to stage. You can only change the equipment and what skills to level up and where to place them on the hotkeys. 

There is really not much else to Third Blade. If you’re turned off by the idea of killing endlessly enemies supported by a mediocre story, then you will not miss much from not playing the game. That said, this is still a great time killer and is well worth the price of $0. Download it to your Android phone/Tablet, it could save you from sitting through a boring situation. 



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