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Android Game Review: Jelly Defense

The Jellies of planet "Diploglobe" are in a bind, they are getting invaded by strange alien species seeking to steal the Jellie's emeralds. This is where you come in. You are to help the jellies construct intricate tower defenses to ward off the alien invaders. Fear not though, as you destroy enemies and collect coins from the discarded alien remains, the Jellies will be able to advance and develop stronger tower technologies to help you in the Jellie's resistance. 

However, don't think of Jelly Defense as the traditional tower defense, where positioning and upgrades play the critical roles; Jelly defense is more about spells, tower selection, and strategic "trading" of towers. The reason for this is that the enemies comes in two favors: red and blue. The towers can only attack monsters relative to their own corresponding colors. And as the levels becomes more complex, you will soon notice that the selection and placement of the towers that defeated the previous wave will not be able to handle upcoming onslaught... Therefore, quick adjustments is constantly needed.

With minigames also scattered across the planet, Jelly defense is certainly a fun and interesting game. The presentation is not only beautiful but it also gets carefully integrated into the gameplay. The diverse music selection is "unique" in its own respects and fits perfectly into the levels(there are a lot of catchy songs). At $.99 launch price on 9/29/2011($2.99 normally), this game is well worth the price.


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