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5 Reasons Why You Should Get An Android Tablet

The market for tablet computers is growing steadily as these devices become increasingly popular. Their versatility as computers combined with their sleek and lightweight designs means that they can perform a range of operations for various groups of people, such as commuters and business professionals. The growing popularity of tablet computers has meant that there are now many different brands available with differing operation systems. It is many times difficult to judge the differences between so many of these tablets and what they have to offer. Here I will examine five essential reasons why an Android tab should be bought rather than any other kind.

1) Price - The price of Android tablet computers tends to be considerably cheaper than other competing models such as an iPad. There is far more choice for consumers regarding the number of tablet computers which use the Android operating system. People are not limited to one particular brand or model, and as a result, an Android tablet PC can be purchased very cheaply.

2) Open source - Aside from the attractive price of Android tab computers, the fact that the operating system is open source means that there are a huge range of applications available to download, many for free. Tablet apps are the lifeblood of the devices, and the more that there are available, the greater the usability of a tablet PC will be. The ability to download so many different type of tablet apps also makes an Android tab highly customization. 

3) Flash -  As a multifunctional device, the Android tab can be used to browse the internet, play games, and watch video clips and movies. Since a lot of the content on the internet is Flash based, it makes sense to have a tablet PC which can view it. I can't strive enough how useful flash has been for my tablet experience. Just think of using the internet without flash on your PC and how difficult it was; this is what you would experience on an iOS or webOS based tablets.

4) Multi-Functionality - New tablets using the Android operating system generally have excellent connectivity options. They will typically have USB and SD memory card ports, unlike the iPad, and some also have HDMI ports. They also have free tethering for rooted devices, meaning that the internet can be browsed and shared for free.

5) Desktop/theme Customization - The final important reason for owning an Android tab is that they are highly customization even without root. If you have root you can install custom roms that allows you to change the themes and colors of the desktop, whereas non-root users have the choice to use a different "Home" application. For example, the Launcher Pro program replaces the installed Home Application and runs on top of the OS. You can change the colors, how it looks, whats on the screen, how many screens you have, the little icons, and many more.

These are five of the most important reasons for owning an Android tab, but the list is by no means exhaustive. New tablets are being developed continually with enhanced technology and performance. As a result, the market for Android tablet computers looks to go from strength to strength in the future.


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