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How-To #37: Install Android On Virtual Machines

Installing Android on Virtual Machine has become a very straight forward process. This guide will use the recently released Android-x86 4.0 and Android-x86 2.3 Live CDs. They will be running on Virtual Box, a free software released by Oracle for virtualization. 

For those of you new to Virtual Machines, what this software does is emulates a PC inside a PC. Confused? Think of it like inception, except for the PC. It does this by isolating a small chunk of your computer then uses that chunk to run another computer. What you do in the Virtual Machine can completely be isolated from the host machine. 

Android 3.2 & 2.3 Live Installation Images Released

*update* - Android 4.0 x86 is out!

The Android x86 Project team has recently released Android 3.2 and Android 2.3 Live CDs to the public. The Live CD is a disc that contains a bootable/installer for the Android operating system for desktop or laptop computers. While not being able to achieve the full functionality of the Android, it does well to give the user a good demo of the Android without a dedicated mobile device, and without making changes to your machine. These demos to the Android 3.2 / 2.3 operating system are not for long term use.

How To Quickly Edit Tag IDs and Filename of Music Files

Ever since switching to Google Music and The Google Music app for the Android, I have yet to touch the Music Player Application on the Android. By reaching the 2,000+ uploaded songs treshold, I soon realized that this music software also suffers the same crtical flaw as iTunes: they can only organize the songs by Tag ID, typically using the Album/Artist/Genre Tags.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, if you own a large song collection, you probably realized that not all mp3s and other song formats have Tag IDs imprinted in them when you downloaded/rip the song onto your computer. Thus, when the songs are uploaded into a music software, all you have for organization is a HUGE list of file, making it a very diffcult to navigate through the songs just to find the one you want to listen to.

Changing the Tag ID of each songs one by one can be such a tedious task. 

So my solution? Since I have songs organized in folders on my PC by either date of purchase or by album name, all I had to do was use the folder name as a tag. 

Get Your Google Music Invitation

*Update 11/15* Invites are all gone. 

By now you probably have heard alot about the "cloud". Well, now Google has started to hop on the Cloud Computing scene with Google Music, a service that allows you to put your music collection online under a Google Account. This service can then be accessed anywhere and anytime using their webpage. They also have a convenient app for Android Phones and Android Tablets

How-To #36: Reduce Internal Memory Usage For Android

 You probably heard this sales pitch before, "With only $___<=(insert price here) you can upgrade your Android tablet and/or phone to the larger ____<=(insert 32 or 64 here) GB of flash storage." :).
Whoa, hang on a moment. Lets take a look at the alternative memory solutions before making that purchase.
Here are 4 methods you can use to reduce internal memory usage on the Android without sacraficing quality or quantity

5 Reasons Why You Should Get An Android Tablet

The market for tablet computers is growing steadily as these devices become increasingly popular. Their versatility as computers combined with their sleek and lightweight designs means that they can perform a range of operations for various groups of people, such as commuters and business professionals. The growing popularity of tablet computers has meant that there are now many different brands available with differing operation systems. It is many times difficult to judge the differences between so many of these tablets and what they have to offer. Here I will examine five essential reasons why an Android tab should be bought rather than any other kind.

1) Price - The price of Android tablet computers tends to be considerably cheaper than other competing models such as an iPad. There is far more choice for consumers regarding the number of tablet computers which use the Android operating system. People are not limited to one particular brand or model, and as a result, an Android tablet PC can be purchased very cheaply.

Android Honeycomb's Secret Screen

Did you know that by going into "Settings" => "About Tablet" then on
"Android Version" => tap on "3.1" about 10 times as fast as possible you would see this screen?
This is something that we also saw in Gingerbread.

How-To #34: Printing From Android Devices

*updated* 12/17/2011 - check out Google Count Print!

Now that your Android tablet or phone has become the primary device for viewing emails, surfing websites, and working with documents, printing those media certainly becomes a bit more challenging. Previously, Android printing consists of you sending the document or website to a PC connected to the printer on your network. This means that not only do you have to walk to your PC; you would have to turn it on, download the document, and initiate the printing process. Sounds like a big inconvenience?

Update Samsung 10.1 TouchWiz3.1 Manually

If you are a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet user then you probably know that your device is getting the TouchWiz 3.1 update. If you don't have or want to create a Samsung account then you have the option to do the manual update by downloading the ROM posted by this xda user. Obviously, the knowledge on how to flash ROMs and the ClockWorkMod Recovery is required. 
There are many new Samsung apps included in this update, but the most noteable is the increase in performance, resulting in much smoother frame transitions. Read below for more features.

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