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Using Modded Flash Player To Play On The Android

Flash player 10.3 on the Android can do most things; play flash games, watch flash videos, show flash ads, and etc... but  even so, it still fails to play the videos on, where a large majority of internet video streaming happens. Thankfully with BRDizzled modified Flash, you can now watch Hulu videos on Honeycomb 3.1+. If you don't have Honeycomb 3.1+, you should still give your versions a shot to see if it works. 

Here is how to watch Hulu flash videos on your Android:
1) Make sure you installed the market verson of Flash 10.3 at least once on your device or else the browser will not recognize the Flash version
2) Uninstall the market/original Flash
3) Download and install BRDizzled version for Flash This mod is optimized for tegra hardware acceleration
4) Open up browser and type in about:debug in the browser, then hit enter/go

5) Click on the drop down menu on the top right of the browser and click/open Settings. Note: You should see two options at the very bottom in the drop down menu, dump navigation cache and dump V8 counters, if you followed step 5) correctly.  
6) In Settings, click the debug option
7) Change UA string in debug menu to desktop
8) you need to restart or task kill browser using an Android task manager
9) Finished! Open browser to watch

Please note that Flash is incompatible with some devices and low specs.


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