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Upcoming App of 2011: SuperBox the Free 10-in-1 Application

Do you know those handful of essential applications that you always install first? Superbox package ten of essentials into one application. Not only is it convenient, with Superbox, you get all of the functionality of those 10 individual applications, with only using a fraction of the storage(3.42MB). Comparatively, when all the apps are installed individuality, they take up about 5.50MB. Storage is especially important for those users with older phones that cant run a thousand apps at the same time. 

Here are the 10 apps that are packaged into the free to download SuperBox:
File manager - Allows you to manage files on the device
Cache cleaner - Clears the cache, making the device faster
App installer - Opposite from the above
App2sd - Moves the nonessential elements of an app to the SDcard
Task manager - Allows you to kill apps that are running in the background
Batch uninstaller - Uninstall multiple apps at the same time
Phone feature settings - Change feature settings
Safeguard - Keep the device secure
Memory and cpu usage - Show memory/cpu intensive apps
Battery charge and usage detail - Show battery usage in detail

Personally, I use this app all the time, and it's not that I have an old Android device but whenever my Android becomes sluggish, I can easily locate, kill, and do anything else with the source app from just 1 application. 


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