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Upcoming App of 2011: Full Video & Audio Streaming With Splashtop Remote Desktop

If you have ever used any remote desktop program on your Android, you would know that watching videos and listening to music is impossible to do. Some apps lacked audio, others were overbearingly laggy, and some just refused to workSplashtop stands out from the rest by streaming data directly from the PC to the Android. This allows you remotely do anything you want with fast response times and full streaming audio.

Yes, this also means you can play 3D intensive games(WoW anyone?) and watch 1080p/bluray remotely using an Android device. With a Ps3/360/Wii controller, you have a full fledged gaming tablet! You can see the full demo in the video below.

Setup is easy
1) Download and install the Splashtop app - there are two versions $.99 for basic, and $2.99 for HD.
2) Download and Install the streamer on the PC/laptop
3) *Optional For Gaming* Restrict to window mode and you may want to adjust the video quality of the game to get an even better performance

Keep in mind that using Splashtop externally of your local network will require port forwarding. Splashtop outside of your local network is not recommended as it requires alot of bandwidth. However, inside the local network, you see your PC stream in real-time. 

Splashtop is not perfect... You will see hicups on graphic instenive games like Crysis. Nonetheless, this is a revolutionary breakthrough in the Remote Desktop world; A world where you can have "dumb" devices providing high performance operations. Couple this with cloud computing, the possibilities becomes endless!


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