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Review Corner: Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet

Tablets are not cheap devices. The one that I purchase has to be my ideal. One that I would be stuck with for a long time. I was in search of something that looked sexy, thin, not too small, and contains the latest and greatest hardware for those graphic intensive games/apps. 

The iPad 2 meets those requirements but it has one major flaw: No Android... The Xoom, Optimus, and Transformer are some of the other noteable candidates that made it to the 10-meter mark but fell short of reaching the goal.

You see, I have alot of patience. So I waited and waited, until the day they release a device that would be at least on-par or is able of beat iPad 2's standard.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
The wait wasn't very long as only a few weeks passed when Samsung announced the release of the Galaxy Tab 10.1V and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. I took a quick glance at the specs and concluded that they were almost identical. I was pleased with the results. And after careful consideration, I decided to purchase the Galaxy 10.1. 
Samsung Comparison

After using it for a few weeks, I could safely say that the Galaxy 10.1 accomplishes what I had set forth. The thinness and weight of the Galaxy 10.1 outclassed all mid-sized tablet in the market today, while housing the powerful 1Ghz Dual-Core Nvidia Tegra 2 cpu and 1GB of memory. The feel of this tablet is like a thin, hardcover preschool book... on steroids. 
On the software side, I was lucky to have received a device with the unlocked bootloader, making rooting and flashing recovery a breeze. Rare instences of force closes and freezes still occurs but what Android device doesn't when 10+ apps are opened? Another plus is that it also came with a clean Honeycomb 3.1(no vendor trash apps).

Unlocked Bootloader Screen For Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
All that said and done, at the end of the day there were still some minor flaws that should be addressed: 1) Lack of sdcard slot, 2) 3MP on the 10.1 vs the 8P camera on the 10.1V, 3) Lack of USB/HDMI adapter in the starter toolkit.

The lack of sdcard card is not a big issue for me, as plugging in the usb cable is quick and painless. I have the 32Gb model so space is of no concern. However, regardless of whatever reason or strategy Samsung has for such difference in camera resolution, not including the 8MP in the 10.1 was a bad move... 

Finally, the other big annoyance - no USB/HDMI adapter. If competitors are offering onboard support for standard USB Host connectivity and HDMI port then... Samsung, it would be wise to include these features free of charge as well. Just sayin'.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 surely lives up to its name and could very well be a formidable contender of the iPad2. I intend on keeping and using this tablet for a long time; well, at least until the 2.0Ghz mobile cores comes out in early/mid 2012.


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