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How-To #33: Ram Optimization To Increase Speed

Lets be honest, the Android can come to a crawl after a few days of use without a fresh reboot... Well, now you can make your Android device a little bit snappier with some RAM optimization. Ram optimization means the optimal balance between free memory, speed of launching apps, multitasking, and overall system speed. The mod allows you to have as much free memory as you need, not too much and not too little, while still achieving the best performance from mulitasking and other core Android activities. Both methods below are very easy to implement if you have root.

There are two ways to do ram optimization:
- Scripting
- AutoKiller App
Required for both Methods:

- Root
Method 1 - Scripting(recommended): 
This method is the recommend procedure to improve the speed of your Android, as many users have seen remarkable performance increase by its implementation. You would need a kernel which supports init.d(most newer ROMs has this). You can check to see if your kernel has init.d by finding /system/etc/init.d folder on the Android device by using a file management app. The script works in a way that doesn't kill your app automatically when you minimize or close the app.
1) Download Juwe CWM Script zip to the root of your Android device, then flash the zip file using ClockWork Recovery Mod.
2) Download and unzip the
3) Move to /system/etc/init.d with Root Explorer 
4) Set perm to 777 (rwxrwxrwx)
Note: Delete other RAM management files in init.d, such as Darky's rambooster.
More info on this xda post.

Method 2 - AutoKiller App: 
AutoKiller is an easy to use app for root users that lets you "fine-tune android system's inner memory manager routines" letting you keep the device fast and smooth. The app also have a full process manager that lets you control the whole Android system. Donate to the developers of the app if you like this free app. 
1) Download and install AutoKiller Memory Optimizer from the Android Market


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