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How-To #27: Connect a Wii Controller to Android Devices

At $3.99, the “Wii Controller IME” application in the Android Market allows you to easily connect your Wii controller to most Android devices. The app uses the bluetooth to make the connection; so if you lack the USB capability seen in Android 3.0+ then this solution is for you. Note that only the basic components, the direction and button keys, of the controller will work. 

Note the three cons to Wii Controller IME: 
1) You have to manually switch back to the keyboard when you are doing playing with the controller
2) It does not work on sense and touch wiz devices.
3) It does not support the classic controller so you can only use the 3 buttons on the Wii controller

Here are the steps to get the Wii Remote on the Android:
1) Find a Wii Remote
2) Download the Wii Controller IME a
3) In Settings Menu->Language & Keyboard->Check Wii Controller on your Android device 

4) In Wii Controller IME -> Select Input Settings -> Enable Wii Remote Control

5) Take your Wii Remote and press the 1 and 2 buttons, while the lights are on, press Connect Controllers in the app. You will see the Controller1 under Button Mapping once they are connected
6) Open your favorite emulator that has Bluetooth support(all of Yongzh emulators does this)
7) Go to Settings menu -> Use Input method in the emulator to enable Bluetooth
8) Map the buttons in the emulator
9) Finish & play games

Quick Video Tutorial By Duddyroar


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