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Strong evidence is still showing that the recession is here to stay for a while longer. Consumer spending has plummeted as energy prices surged and the housing market sputtered. It's no doubt that everyone, even the wealthy, are trying to squeeze out the most of their money. Thankfully, the Android is here to help. 

By using the techniques below, I have personally saved nearly a hundred every month. Sure that isn't much in the short term but that is a little above a grand every year in pocket money. These techniques are not hard to use so why not give them a try?

Saving Money With The Android
1. Barcode Scanner: Look up and compare prices online.
Many retailers has a price match guarantee, where they will match a lower advertised price  from a competitor. This means that you don't have to waste gas driving while getting the better deal. Just show them the ad of the cheaper product on your phone.

2. Gas Buddy: Find the cheapest gas station instantly
Paying for gas hurts. It takes a large chunk out of the paycheck. Would you drive to a different gas station just to save a few cents on the dollar per gallon? I would... 

3. Google Offers + Google Wallet: Huge discounts straight to the Android
Google offers is Google's new program to provide discounted services and products in their localized regions. Their business model works similar to Groupon. What makes it different is that it links directly to the Google Wallet app on the Android phone to help the retailer verify the purchase you have made. There is no more printed coupons and identification needed when you go to redeem the purchase.

4. Android Tablet to replace an eReader
Still reading traditional paper books? Well you are wasting money because you can get the book cheaper as an electronic version. But you don't have to purchase an eReader; Android lets you easily download, read, and store those eBooks on your tablet or smartphone. 

5. Google Voice: Saving your precious minutes and SMS
Everyone complains their phone bill is too high. To make matters worse: the carrier tacking on the "over useage fee" because their kids, siblings, and/or spouse use over the allocated minutes/SMS every month. With Google voice technology, you can make free phone calls anywhere in the nation using VOIP technology directly from your Android device. You will need a 3rd party app(like GrooVeIp) that uses the Google Voice number to make a call when you are on WiFi or data plan to save your minutes. Using the 3rd party app does violate the TOS so I would recommend making a spare Google account just in case.

The offical Google Voice app itself only has the free SMS feature built in. 

Clarification Notice: You do not save minutes if you merely reroute the call to the Google Voice number from the official GV app. It simply goes through your cellular network and not through an IP address. 

6. Easy Tether WiFi hotspot: Share the internet
Lets not waste money and buy data plans for all your cell phones, laptops, and tablets. Only one device with the data is needed to make the mobile hotspot. Easy Tether requires root but there are other non-root options.

If you have any other money saving tips to share, let me know and I will include them in the list.


Unknown said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

Check your facts, right now Google voice by itself does not allow voip calling. It goes over your voice line and will use minutes. As someone who works for a cellular company and uses google voice quite often it will not save you minutes. There was a way using a program called Gizmo but Google bought them out and shut them down until they can integrate the voip calling ability.

Tony Le said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

You are correct sir if you took what I said in the wrong context. The minutes are free IF you use Google Voice through a data network / WiFi. If you use it as a means to route your call then, in this case, it does use your minutes.

On the other hand, if you call them DIRECTLY from GV through data plan then it does go through VOIP. And as you said, you cant do this currently from the Google voice app but there are 3rd party apps that does this using Google Voice the account, like GrooveIp and Gizmo.

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