Android Simplicity

Beginners Guide on Developing And Making Apps For Android

Ever wondered what it takes to start developing on the Android? I bet you already heard about those teens that have made thousands to millions of dollars just making simple Android software in the luxury of their home. Lets face it, if those kids can do it, you can too. The risks are little to nothing, while the profit can be exponential... So why not give it a shot? 

How does this all work? Whenever you publish an app through Google Android Market, Google takes 30% of the profit. So, if your app sells for $1.00 with 100,000 downloads, you get paid $70,000. The application on the Android market becomes the "cash cow" for your cash flow; the revenue will keep flowing in with little additional work required. 

The presentations below is a great place to start. They will cover:

- How Android is Different
- The Android Stack
- Android Market
Android Application Development

- Ways to Develop
- Development Environment and Tools


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