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How-To #33: Ram Optimization To Increase Speed

Lets be honest, the Android can come to a crawl after a few days of use without a fresh reboot... Well, now you can make your Android device a little bit snappier with some RAM optimization. Ram optimization means the optimal balance between free memory, speed of launching apps, multitasking, and overall system speed. The mod allows you to have as much free memory as you need, not too much and not too little, while still achieving the best performance from mulitasking and other core Android activities. Both methods below are very easy to implement if you have root.

There are two ways to do ram optimization:
- Scripting
- AutoKiller App

How-To #32: Using Android Voice Actions

Voice action is one of the most unused built-in features of the Android, probably because of its weak advertising and unawareness. Available in Android 2.2 and higher, Voice action allows you to control your Android phone or tablet with your voice; letting you do common tasks such as calling a contact, browse the web, send sms, view maps, and listen to music.

Upcoming App of 2011: SuperBox the Free 10-in-1 Application

Do you know those handful of essential applications that you always install first? Superbox package ten of essentials into one application. Not only is it convenient, with Superbox, you get all of the functionality of those 10 individual applications, with only using a fraction of the storage(3.42MB). Comparatively, when all the apps are installed individuality, they take up about 5.50MB. Storage is especially important for those users with older phones that cant run a thousand apps at the same time. 

Here are the 10 apps that are packaged into the free to download SuperBox:
File manager - Allows you to manage files on the device
Cache cleaner - Clears the cache, making the device faster
App installer - Opposite from the above
App2sd - Moves the nonessential elements of an app to the SDcard

Paper Phones Running The Android

Don't be confused; I'm not talking about paper thin phones like the Nec Media(currently the thinnest phone in the world at 7.7mm, see picture below). I'm talking about the PaperPhone made from the revolutionary computer paper.
Nec Media Phone

Beginners Guide on Developing And Making Apps For Android

Ever wondered what it takes to start developing on the Android? I bet you already heard about those teens that have made thousands to millions of dollars just making simple Android software in the luxury of their home. Lets face it, if those kids can do it, you can too. The risks are little to nothing, while the profit can be exponential... So why not give it a shot? 

How does this all work? Whenever you publish an app through Google Android Market, Google takes 30% of the profit. So, if your app sells for $1.00 with 100,000 downloads, you get paid $70,000. The application on the Android market becomes the "cash cow" for your cash flow; the revenue will keep flowing in with little additional work required. 

Install Netflix On Your Android Device Manually

If you belong in the group of people planning to keep the Netflix subscription after the price hike, then the Netflix Android app is for you. The app does have some compatibility issues(see list below), which is why many devices will not see the Netflix app in the Android market. Nevertheless, you can still test your luck by downloading and installing the Netflix app manually.

How-To #29: Print, Restore, Backup, and Share Contact Numbers

All Google Android phones and tablets connects to a Google account. Anything that is linked to your account is automatically synced and restored; such as email, contact numbers, and Google checkout for purchases. And unlike Apple's iTunes, you will not lose any critical information about your device when your PC crashes or fails because all the data is stored externally on Google's servers.

As convenient as this may sound, there are still times when it is a good idea to know how to manage your contact numbers in Google contacts. For example: you may want to share the complete list of corporate contact numbers to other employees with Android phones. 

Google has made managing contacts as simple as possible. Although you can make changes on the Android device, it is much more efficient if this process is done on the website. 

Prerequisite: Log into: Google Contacts website using the desired Google Account

How-To #31: Protect Yourself From An Android Virus

Open source and vulnerabilities comes hand in hand. Android is no exception. It’s not that the Android is insecure; it’s just that open source creates an environment where exploits and vulnerabilities are easier to identify. Of course, the universal truth still applies: a person that often gets sick becomes more resistant to sickness. Even though Google is constantly removing apps infested with viruses on the Android market, just remember that you are the first line of defense against Android viruses and malware

Unlike the iPhone's app store, the Android market does not actively pre-screen most of their apps. This means that you could get infected anytime. And when you get infected, it is already too late; your information is compromised.

Knowledge is key in the fight against hackers and exploiters on the Android platform. 

Getting More Value From Your Android and Your Money

Strong evidence is still showing that the recession is here to stay for a while longer. Consumer spending has plummeted as energy prices surged and the housing market sputtered. It's no doubt that everyone, even the wealthy, are trying to squeeze out the most of their money. Thankfully, the Android is here to help. 

By using the techniques below, I have personally saved nearly a hundred every month. Sure that isn't much in the short term but that is a little above a grand every year in pocket money. These techniques are not hard to use so why not give them a try?

Upcoming App of 2011: Full Video & Audio Streaming With Splashtop Remote Desktop

If you have ever used any remote desktop program on your Android, you would know that watching videos and listening to music is impossible to do. Some apps lacked audio, others were overbearingly laggy, and some just refused to workSplashtop stands out from the rest by streaming data directly from the PC to the Android. This allows you remotely do anything you want with fast response times and full streaming audio.

Yes, this also means you can play 3D intensive games(WoW anyone?) and watch 1080p/bluray remotely using an Android device. With a Ps3/360/Wii controller, you have a full fledged gaming tablet! You can see the full demo in the video below.

Review Corner: Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet

Tablets are not cheap devices. The one that I purchase has to be my ideal. One that I would be stuck with for a long time. I was in search of something that looked sexy, thin, not too small, and contains the latest and greatest hardware for those graphic intensive games/apps. 

The iPad 2 meets those requirements but it has one major flaw: No Android... The Xoom, Optimus, and Transformer are some of the other noteable candidates that made it to the 10-meter mark but fell short of reaching the goal.

You see, I have alot of patience. So I waited and waited, until the day they release a device that would be at least on-par or is able of beat iPad 2's standard.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

How-To #30: Connect Xbox360 Wireless Controller to Android Devices

You've probably read the article on how to connect the PS3 and Wii controller to your Android. Now it's time to learn how connect the Xbox 360 controller. 

Unlike the Wii, the Xbox 360 does not use blue-tooth connectivity. To use the wireless 360 controller, you will need an additional wireless receiver connected to the USB port. The USB host on the Honeycomb 3.0+ then does the rest of the work. No root is needed in this process. 

What you will need:
2. An Android Emulator
3. micro USB to USB Female Cable or some other USB port adapter specific for your Android device. 
4. Honeycomb 3.0+ or above.

3 Android Money, Budget, and Finance Apps

There's an ocean of money saving apps available in the Android marketplace. If you want coupons; there's an app for you. If you want daily money saving tips; there's an app for them as well. But what about something that can handle your monthly budgets? If, like me, you track your finances using a notepad... It's time to join the 21st century and let one of the Android's budgeting apps ease the burden.

Admittedly, there are other options; for the more technically savvy there's the spreadsheet option. If you're a deft hand at creating spreadsheet formula's then you'll have a fully fledged budget tracking doc up and running in no time. But what about those of us that have difficulty opening MS Office or Open Office let alone having the know how to build a doc that can churn out your financial history in the blink of an eye?

Here are 3 of the most highly rated budgeting apps for the Android:

How-To #28: Copy/Rip Installed Android Apps(.apks) from device to PC

Looking back at how many times I do a wipe/clean on my Android device to install fresh roms, I found that installing all the apps I had becomes a repetitive chore. So I said to myself: There has to be a way to easily install the apps I commonly use on both my Android tablet and phone.

After a little research, the answer to all my problems was simple: adb pull. You see, the Android system is setup in a very basic Linux format for applications. The apps that you install on the phone, either from the market or manually, all goes in one of two(data/app or data/app-private) folders on the root of the phone. Using what I know from adb shell, solving my problem was simply copying the apps on my phone to my PC and using mass install to re-install applications.

Using Modded Flash Player To Play On The Android

Flash player 10.3 on the Android can do most things; play flash games, watch flash videos, show flash ads, and etc... but  even so, it still fails to play the videos on, where a large majority of internet video streaming happens. Thankfully with BRDizzled modified Flash, you can now watch Hulu videos on Honeycomb 3.1+. If you don't have Honeycomb 3.1+, you should still give your versions a shot to see if it works. 

How-To #27: Connect a Wii Controller to Android Devices

At $3.99, the “Wii Controller IME” application in the Android Market allows you to easily connect your Wii controller to most Android devices. The app uses the bluetooth to make the connection; so if you lack the USB capability seen in Android 3.0+ then this solution is for you. Note that only the basic components, the direction and button keys, of the controller will work. 

Note the three cons to Wii Controller IME: 
1) You have to manually switch back to the keyboard when you are doing playing with the controller
2) It does not work on sense and touch wiz devices.
3) It does not support the classic controller so you can only use the 3 buttons on the Wii controller

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