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Upcoming App of 2011: mSecure Password Manager

Too many User Accounts and Passwords to remember? Afraid losing that hand written notebook sheet filled with login information? mSecure, the leading iPhone Password Manager, has come to the Android. The program locks important and sensitive information safely and securely on your phone.

mSecure on the Android will also sync with mSecure on the PC/MAC or any other devices with mSecure. Repurchase of the program is not necessary when you have already paid for one copy.

mSecure uses a industry level encryption to safely store sensitive and important information like web logins and passwords, credit card numbers, and SSN. Your information is protected even after it is lost or stolen.

- Self-destruct mode to delete your data after given number of failed attempts
- Password Generator for strong passwords
- 144 colorful icons for personalization of item types
- Full-sync with mSecure for Windows or Mac (separate purchase)
- Import and export data from various file types (with mBackup)
- 256bit Blowfish encryption to protect the confidentiality of your data
- Full landscape support (can be disabled if not desired)
- Password protection with hint feature
- User customizable type templates with unlimited fields
- Integrated search capability for quick record look-u-


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