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Upcoming App of 2011: Free Android Music On GTunes Music Lite

Due to the recent recession in the economy, many people just can't afford to purchase non-essential goods, with music being in the forefront. These days, there are many free alternatives to satisfy one's music needs. Pandora and various "Clouds" have recently emerged to deliver such a service but users soon realized that the music offered are streamed.

With GTunes Music App, users can enjoy free and legal quality music on Android. Music is downloaded directly to the Android device in Mp3 format for use anytime without internet connection or data plan. All that is required is WiFi to begin the download. 

You simply type in the search bar for the song you want and the GTunes Android Music App will bring up multiple locations with the song for download. This Android music app also supports resume and pause for larger Mp3 files. 

The purchase price for the App? FREE!! 

Now what are you waiting for?! Download below.

Price: Free
User Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


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