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Upcoming App of 2011: Aldkio's Android eReader App for eBooks

Eventually, traditional eReaders, like Barnes and Noble's Nook and Amazon's Kindle, will one day get phased out by smaller, lighter, soon-to-be cheaper, and more functionality capable tablets/pads. Its no double that its about time to dump the old fashion, outdated eReader devices and download an eReader for Android systems.

Aldiko Book Reader allows you to browse, search, and download tens of thousands of free titles straight to the Android tablet and/or smartphone, with no computer and no subscription. The library will continue to grow to offer exciting new titles.

You have full control to the font size, font type, font and background color, and basically any other detail that will make the read more enjoyable.

Now if you want to read any purchased or self created books and documents, simply import the file and open them with Aldiko. The app support most file formats, such as ePub, PDF, and Adobe's eBook DRM formats.

Aldiko offers a free version of its eReader for Android as well as a premium version at $2.99. Scan below to download the app.


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