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Top 10 Customization For Users New To Android

One of the Android's selling point is its ability to give the user full power over customization. You don't have to be an expert or an Android developer to customize your Android to give the device a unique feel and personality, making it stand out from all the other phones. The Android can be complex and confusing, but is easy once you know where to start. 

Here are the six easy customization anyone new to Android can do. 

6 Easy Tweaks for Android
1. Live Wallpaper for Background and/or LockScreen.
Download the wallpaper by using the Android Market, and follow the instruction on each live wallpaper.
Resource: Live Wallpapers.

2. Change The Keyboard 
The stock keyboard can be hard to use, thankfully the Android has other keyboard options, such as the popular Swype. Android Central has an extensive guide on each of the keyboard model and setup instructions.
Resource: Android Central

3. Add Widgets
Once a widget is downloaded, hold(press) the desktop on the homescreen to add the widget to the screen.
Resource: $2.99 Beautiful Widgets

4. Replace the LockScreen
The Lock screen is the first thing anyone sees. Make it unique by adding special backgrounds and unlock animation.
Resource: Free LockGo App

5. Change Fonts - Root Required
Changing the font may cause the text on the phone to get "unaligned" because of the resolution, so do this with caution. 

6. Change The Home Launcher
Home Launcher is an application that runs after the system boots up. The home launcherbasically gives the User Interface, it is similar to explorer.exe in windows. So everything from icons, fonts, to themes are different when using a different home launcher.


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