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LifeSize Communications Brings Video Conferencing to Android

Good news for Smartphone owners running the Android OS as Video Conferencing experts reported Lifesize, creators of popular LifeSize Room, to be developing a video conferencing app for the Android operating system. A one-way Video Conferencing app is reported to be just around the corner and should be released within the next few months but Lifesize is also working on a two-way Video Conferencing app which will allow for both parties to communicate with each other simultaneously.

A Division of Logitech, lifesize currently specializes in video conferencing services with an emphasis on High Definition (HD) video streaming capabilities and believe that Video conferencing within the Smartphone market will very popular within the next few coming years. Craig Malloy (The CEO for Lifesize) said "There's no real enterprise-class, connected, smartphone video calling". Lifesize have significant expertise and experience within this field largely because they specialise in the video conferencing industry but also because their parent company (Logitech) has acquired the video chat service SightSpeed and the Firewall software vendor Paradial. In addition to this, Lifesize hope to draw in expertise from Logitech’s existing global video chat service Logitech Vid.
Lifesize already have a video conferencing app on Apple which can be used on the iPad/iPhone and the fact that they are developing an app for the Android OS shows that they have acknowledged the potential of the relatively new, up and coming operating system.The CEO of Lifesize, Craig Malloy admitted that developing a Video conferencing app on Android was much more difficult than developing it on Apple largely due to the various different versions of the Android OS that are currently available on smartphones but confirmed that the app is now close to completion. It is assumed that the Android version of the Video Centre app will have similar functionality to the Apple version. If this is the case then Android users can expect enterprise level video streaming on Android Smartphones as well as on Android Tablets.

Last year Google acquired Global IP Solutions Holding for $68.2 million with a view to using it to implement a video conferencing solution into Android in an attempt to counteract the introduction of video conferencing in the iOS. However, this does mean that we have two high end video conferencing apps which predominantly have the same features which is why it will be interesting how the two apps differentiate themselves from each other.

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