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How-To #24: How to Remote Desktop From Android to PC for Free

What is Remote Desktop?
Remote Desktop is a technology that usually involve the setup between two devices, one "cilent" and one "Host"(Sometimes called "Remote" or "Server"). The Host allows the client FULL control, from any location. For example, many would use Android Smartphones to Remote Desktop into their home PC to have full access and control to all of your programs, files, and network resources as though you were in front of your computer from any location. Remote Desktop also has been referred to as Remote Access, Remote Connection, and Remote Control.

Setting up a Remote Desktop System
As mentioned earlier, Remote Desktop requires one Host and one Client. Here our Client will be the Android and the Host will be a PC. For security purposes, the program used will only be available through the local WiFi network(i.e. 3G or 4G will not work).

Host Setup:
1) Download the Android Desktop Remote (Alternative Download) to your PC
2) Install Android Desktop Remote
3) Allow the software for network if asked on Win7
4) Open the Run menu in Windows. Run can be found under Start on bottom left side of the PC screen or by holding the windows key + r combination
5) Type in cmd to open Command Prompt
6) In Command Prompt type in ipconfig
7) Scroll up or down until you see a label "IPv4 Address"
8) Write down or memorize the series of numbers next to it. The numbers should be in the format of 192.168.x.x

The program runs automatically with a little icon showing "waiting for client" status. If not, run the program AndroidDesktopRemoteServer.exe in the C: drive.

Client Setup
1) Download and Install the Desktop Remote Free app to the Android device from Android Market
2) Type in the IP address of the Host PC from step 8
3) Connect to the Host computer

IMPORTANT: The most common cause of connection issues is the firewall on your desktop. By default, an exception is added to Windows Firewall for your local subnet. If you have another firewall installed, you must add AndroidDesktopRemoteServer.exe or ports 4484/TCP and 4485/UDP as an exception to your firewall before your Android device can connect. Also, at this time it is NOT recommended that you expose the Android Desktop Remote desktop software to addresses outside your local subnet, as the connection is not encrypted nor authenticated at this time.

If your firewall is set up properly and you are still seeing issues, make sure that:
1. The Android Desktop Remote windows service is running
2. Your desktop and Android device are both connected to the same wireless router


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