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How-To #23: How to Find an Android Device

Just like my keys and remote controllers, I tend to leave my important Android phone in random spots all over the place. Upon reading an article about a guy who used an app to tracked his stolen car, I realized that I could use it for my own benefit as well.

Lookout Mobile Security app now sits on a permanent spot in my Android phone. The app consistently helps me find my Android through its "alarm/gps activation by sms(text msg)" feature. All you have to do is send a certain keyword to your device and it will turn on the desired component. After that, go online to track the phone on its website.

Additionally, not only does the app finds Android devices, it also helps protect and blocks against viruses, spyware, and malware. 

At the price of FREE for this multipurpos, easy-to-use application, Lookout Mobile Security should be installed on every Android device


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