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Google Android Running in Cars

Android and The Auto Industry
Android software is beginning to dominate many industries besides cellphones and tablets. This is occurring because the Android software is a very robust mobile operating system. Since, Androids are becoming popular in everyday devices, automakers are now deciding to place them in their cars. This is a move to bring up the market value on the car, and allow you to get more cash for your used car.

What is Android technology?
Although we can’t take the name literally. Android software is essentially what runs google apps.What this means is that the car can run any application on the Android market. This is definitely a revolution for vehicle functionality; imagine watching youtube, navigation, internet browsing, and more in your car!

Have any cars implemented the Android technology?
Yes, the Roewe 350 is running on the google android technology. The android system even keeps drivers updated with traffic. Furthermore, one can actually go on the internet inside of the car, how cool is that? Not only does it have internet, it is also equipped with a instant messenger, but it wouldn’t be a smart idea to use it while driving. In my opinion if you drove while using the instant messenger you might be getting cash for your junk car .

How much does the car cost?
The car is actually inexpensive it only cost around ten to eighteen thousand U.S dollars. Although the car is not available in the U.S its nice to know that Android technology is working. Lastly, you may have to pay for the internet service, because we can only assume the car doesn’t come with free internet.

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