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Android NFC Revolution

NFC(Near Field Communication) has been said to be the next "big thing" for the 21st century. NFC is basically a wireless protocol, like blue-tooth and WiFi, but with the properties of RFID(Radio Frequency Identification). NFC allows for both communication and fast identification between devices and objects(Probably even live beings in the future). NFC chips ranges from "dummies", which acts similar to RFID, to the full fledged antenna and binary communication.

With Google's announcement of its Google Wallet payment system, based on NFC technology, many other companies has followed suit, announcing their own version of an NFC based implementation. For example, Apple has recently announced the iWallet, whereas, Netcom has shown off its NFC integrated with microSD card(whichwill allow ANY phone to use NFC).
NFC's high versatility and robustness indicates that the applications of this technology is endless. Here are just a few applications that have been proposed and/or already been put into action.

Preview of NFC Applications:
  • Payment method 
  • Loyalty tracker
  • Item tracker
  • Coupon dispenser
  • Price scan(i.e. instant item payment at shelf)
  • Advertising dispensers(i.e. NFC card on a business card)
  • Identification for access to cars/buildings


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