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How-To #15: How to UnRoot!

Want to sell or restore your phone back to its original condition? This can be done using the same method as rooting except now the original files is used.

Steps for G1/MyTouch
1. Download original SPL for your phone. 
Note: Download the original here(SPLG1 / myTouch only
2. Rename the file to and copy it to your sd card
3. Download the DREAIMG.nbh.
4. Place DREAIMG.nbh on your SD card. 
5. Go into your phones recovery. [Hold the home & power button]
6. Push Alt+S on your G1 to flash it with
7. After it does its thing, gettig back to your home screen.
4. Start phone in bootloader. [Hold camera+power button]
5. Hit power to start the update DO NOT INTERRUPT!! i can not stress this enough.
6. Click on the action button(track ball) and your phone will reboot.
7. YOU NOW HAVE STOCK FIRMWARE, it will update on it's own in a little bit, or *Settings>About phone>System Updates*


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