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Sprint Officially Announces HTC Hero

However, the US Hero will be coming with a twist. As seen above, the device has been modified with curved corners and displaced button positions. Thankfully, at $179 with contract, all of its guts remains the same... I don't know about you, but i feel like the new design is big step backwards from the original, which had a nice sleek look and feeling. Do yourself a favor, and buy the original. It's well worth the money.


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That's rather unfair to say, though. If I'm in America, why would I shell out $600 just to import one for aesthetic reasons? Shallow and pointless, in my opinion. It might not look like the original Hero, but I'm not stupid (or rich) enough to pay three times the phone's cost just to I have my chinny chin chin.

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Well, you do realize tbat its 179$ with 2y contract. So if it was sold and unlock it would probbly be like 400-500.. for an extra 100, u would get a more stylistic phone, so the orginial could be worth it. For somethin you would be using everyday for !-2 years

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Right, so if you got an unlocked phone and then signed a 2-year deal with any carrier, how much would you be paying?

Right, move along.

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