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How-To #12: Increase Max Volume

Ever wanted to listen to music on your phone without the hassle of hooking it up into a stereo system or grabbing the head phones? This mod is very useful if you want to hear a few tunes in your car, in the bath, or even at work.

There are many methods to apply this mod, but here is the quickest way - Download Volume+ app. Volume+ should work for most Android devices. It is highly recommend that you use this app!

The steps below is the manual process and is only compatible for certain phones.


1. Hook up your phone to computer using the USB
2. Open an adb shell session from your computer.
3. Copy and paste in each line(one by one) of the code below without the $ or the # symbols.
note: you may not have the AudioPara_TMUS.csv, so skip if it fails.
4. Finish and restart your phone. 
#mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
#mkdir /sdcard/AudioBackUp
#cd /system/etc/
#busybox cp "AudioFilter.csv" /sdcard/AudioBackUp
#busybox cp "AudioPara_TMUS.csv" /sdcard/AudioBackUp
#busybox cp "AudioPara4.csv" /sdcard/AudioBackUp
#busybox cp "AudioPreProcess.csv" /sdcard/AudioBackUp

#mkdir /sdcard/tmp
#cd /sdcard/tmp

#busybox cp *.csv /system/etc


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I don't get the audiofilter.csv either?

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