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Google Vs Cyanogen Comes To An End

Just when we thought all is lost after Google sent a C&D to Cyanogen, the man comes back to us with a strong resolution to continue his great work.

The issue that’s raised is the redistribution of Google’s proprietary applications like Maps, GTalk, Market, and YouTube. These are not part of the open source project and are only part of “Google Experience” devices. They are Google’s intellectual property and I intend to respect that. I will no longer be distributing these applications as part of CyanogenMod. But it’s OK. None of the go-fast stuff that I do involves any of this stuff anyway. We need these applications though, because we all rely so heavily on their functionality. I’d love for Google to hand over the keys to the kingdom and let us all have it for free, but that’s not going to happen. And who can blame them?
There are lots of things we can do as end-users and modders, though, without violating anyones rights. Most importantly, we are entitled to back up our software. Since I don’t work with any of these closed source applications directly, what I intend to do is simply ship the next version of CyanogenMod as a “bare bones” ROM. You’ll be able to make calls, MMS, take photos, etc. In order to get our beloved Google sync and applications back, you’ll need to make a backup first. I’m working on an application that will do this for you.
You can read the whole article here. Please continue to give him your support. He is one of the few dev on the front-lines that delivers the best of the best mods out there.

How To Guide Listing

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How-To #12: Increase Max Volume

Ever wanted to listen to music on your phone without the hassle of hooking it up into a stereo system or grabbing the head phones? This mod is very useful if you want to hear a few tunes in your car, in the bath, or even at work.

There are many methods to apply this mod, but here is the quickest way - Download Volume+ app. Volume+ should work for most Android devices. It is highly recommend that you use this app!

The steps below is the manual process and is only compatible for certain phones.


1. Hook up your phone to computer using the USB
2. Open an adb shell session from your computer.
3. Copy and paste in each line(one by one) of the code below without the $ or the # symbols.
note: you may not have the AudioPara_TMUS.csv, so skip if it fails.
4. Finish and restart your phone. 
#mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
#mkdir /sdcard/AudioBackUp
#cd /system/etc/
#busybox cp "AudioFilter.csv" /sdcard/AudioBackUp
#busybox cp "AudioPara_TMUS.csv" /sdcard/AudioBackUp
#busybox cp "AudioPara4.csv" /sdcard/AudioBackUp
#busybox cp "AudioPreProcess.csv" /sdcard/AudioBackUp

#mkdir /sdcard/tmp
#cd /sdcard/tmp

#busybox cp *.csv /system/etc

How-To #11: Back Up Ext2/3/4 and Restore Apps

Now, if you have followed this guide to create your petitions, you are probably wondering what they do. The Ext2/3/4 partition allows you to use the app2SD(install apps directly to your sdcard). Now some ROMs automatically have the App2SD capability... However, in most cases, it has to be done by the Apps2SD program available on the market. The linux swap is basically virtual memory for your phone when it runs out of RAM.

To back up the apps from the petition you have created and restore them back on your phone. Follow these instructions:
1) Plug in the phone. Make sure you have the usb driver installed.
2) download SDK and unzip to your computer(we will unzip to C:\SDK)
2) Open command prompt(press winkey + r, then type in cmd)
4) Navigate to the SDK tools folder in command prompt.
type - c:\SDK\android-sdk-windows-1.5_r3\tools5)
5) type: adb devices - to see your phone connection.
6) type: adb pull /system/sd/app "C:\Apps\" - This will back up your apps to the C: drive, Apps folder on your computer
7) Now to mass install the apps to your phone from the backup Apps folder: type adb push "C:\Apps\" /system/sd/app

Apple Store Heist

So, in the process of scouring the internet for some Android related news, I found this interesting footage of a recent Apple store robbery. Of course, Apple being one of the main competitors against the Android system.

In the video, its funny how the reporters play this off as the work of professional thieves that we usually see on movie theaters. To me, what is more actually surprising is that Apple was not prepared for this type of robbery. All the robbers did was use common sense along the way (i.e. wear masks, gloves, be highly coordinated, etc etc). Now, if you want to see a movie-like robbery, check this out.

Sprint Officially Announces HTC Hero

However, the US Hero will be coming with a twist. As seen above, the device has been modified with curved corners and displaced button positions. Thankfully, at $179 with contract, all of its guts remains the same... I don't know about you, but i feel like the new design is big step backwards from the original, which had a nice sleek look and feeling. Do yourself a favor, and buy the original. It's well worth the money.

Android Market Upgrade

Screenshots of the new market upgrade have been leaked. Although there is no offical word on what will actually change, we can see the new UI is alot more user friendly, with better nagivation and interface. Supposedly, this update will come with the "Donut" build.

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