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Top 5 Most Useful Android App

These are the 5 most useful applications I have on my Android and some of which you might consider installing.

#5 - Power Manager(Prince: $.99)

Ever get annoyed because you run out of battery power before you get to a charging station? This app will allow the most out of your phone by automatically changing your settings based on a preset power level. At barely a dollar, it is value is much greater then the price.

#4 ES File Explorer(Price: Free)

ES file explorer is a very handy tool that lets you explore, copy, move, rename, open, and even install packets on remote computers on your network. This is done all through WiFi, which means you don't have to insert that annoying USB cable every time you want to listen to a Mp3 or watch a video off of your desktop!

3. Timeriffic(Price: Free)

Here is a good synopsis of the app from autosetting wiki:
Timeiffic one thing: it can mute or un-mute the global Android ringer at a specified time of the day.

Example: Got class M, W, F at 8am (we're sorry for ya), use Timeriffic to:
  • un-mute your volume from 7am - 8am during the ride to class,
  • switch to vibrate at 8am,
  • and then back to full volume at 9am.
#2 Copilot - Navigation (Price: $35 - One time Fee)

Ever thought about increasing the value of your g1? With Copilot, you can transform your device into a navigation system. Thats right folks, a full fledged step by step guide to your destination! Most Navigation systems somewhere between $70-$200. Here you pay a one flat fee of $32 and its yours for a life time: available to you anywhere in the world without any additional accessories(minus the phone of course).

1. Yongzh Emulator Suite(Price: Varies by Emulator)

What else is there to say? All the old school gaming consoles straight on your Android phone, giving you access to collections of hundreds and thousands of classic games. The best part: they all run really smooth, as if you were playing directly off of your old gaming console. The emulator list includes: GBA, SNES, NES, and Sega Genesis. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!


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