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How-To #9: How to Flash to a different ROM

So by now, you must be close to getting bored of your the way your Android device looks and feels. You have seen online how other devices with Android have the capability to use the famous Flash or AppToSD, while yours can't.

Here we will be introducing the concept of ROMs, a customized build created by some company or group somewhere in the world. Not two roms are alike; as such, some will require different prerequisites before you will be able to use them. I have included the general instructions for ROM flashing.

Basic requirements:
***Optional - Partitions


All Roms are different - You should first check to see all the prereq for your chosen ROM before flashing. For example: newer Cyanogen roms require fat32 and ext2/3 partitions, whereas Drizzy's HTC Hero roms requires fat32,ext3, and linux swap partitions.
Basic Instructions for flashing ROMs.
1. Download the ROM of your choice and copy into the SDcard. Find roms on xda forums of your phone.
2. Make sure you have the correct Radio and SPL for your chosen ROM. If not, update them first.
**Important** Never reflash your RADIO to a lower version!!!
3. Boot into cm-recovery-mod on your device.
4. Wipe your device(alt+w), Reboot when finish (home+back key)
5. Reenter recovery mode(home+power key),press "update from zip folder"(Alt + A)
7. Select the downloaded file from your SDcard
8. Let it finish and Reboot.
Hero Rom on G1


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