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How-To #3: How to Flash Recovery

In all Android devices, the pre-installed Recovery Manager allows you to do various core operations to the Android system, without the need of having to access the actual operating system(skipping the bootup screen). The stock recovery is normally limited to a few useless choices. 

Updating/flashing the recovery gives the user many more options, such as backup, updating roms, access to the phone terminal, wiping, and many more.

This process requires root (How to Root).

There are two ways to flash the recovery:


Or Manually:
 1) Download the Android "Telnet" application from the Market
 2) Download recovery.img(this recovery is for the g1) and copy it to your SD     card
 3) Restart your phone.
 5) After your phone starts up and on the home screen, hit the enter key, type
 4) "telnetd" and press enter. Note: although it appears pointless, just type it.
 6) Open "Telnet" application and connect to localhost. Note: you should have "#" on screen if not follow the instructions again.
 7) Type the following into Telnet

-mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
-cd sdcard
-flash_image recovery recovery.img
-cat recovery.img > /system/recovery.img


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