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How-To #4: How to control Android through command line

Learning how to control your Android through command prompt(using Android adb) can prove to be very useful and often comes in handy in many situations.

Note: Suggested - root

There are four basic ways to access command prompt: telnet, terminal, windows cmd, and recovery mode(alt x with recovery mod).

Here we will discuss how to use the windows cmd.exe.
1) Plug in the phone. Make sure you have the usb driver installed before moving on.

2) download android SDK and unzip to your computer(I will unzip to C:\SDK). I recommend downloading and using the installer_sdk.exe. Here I will use the zip for a more detailed explanation.

3) Open command prompt(press winkey + r, then type in cmd)

4) Navigate to the SDK tools folder in command prompt.
type - c:\SDK\android-sdk-windows-1.5_r3\tools
Note: For newer sdks, you need to be platform-tools folder instead of tools

5) type adb devices to see your phone connection.
Note: if no devices appear, make sure you correctly installed the driver.

6) type adb shell to enter an adb session
Now you are connected to your phone using "adb shell" and can perform any "adb" commands(such as adb pull, adb install, or adb shell)


Caniac said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates

It tells me unknown device "shell". :( Am I doing something wrong?

Tony Le said... Best Blogger TipsBest Blogger Templates


This problem commonly occurs when the USB driver is not correctly installed. Make sure your device is recognized as an adb device.

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