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How-To #1: How to Install an Application

Software in the Android phone consist of apks, which can be found on the market or online. Installing application on the market is self explanatory. However, installing apks requires additional steps.

To install apks files or Applications from your sdcard.
1) Go to settings -> applications -> check unknown sources
2) Plug the phone into a computer, and mount the phone(tap on the usb icon in notifications on the phone and press "mount").

note: The device should come up under "My Computer" as a removable device. (if not, you will need to install the usb driver)

4) Copy the .apk file into your phone sdcard.
5) Go to market, install AppManager
6) Under AppManager -> press menu -> install apk.

To install apks using abd install command line:
1) Follow the sdk installation guide.
2) After step 5) type in ->
adb install "address of file"
Note: i.e. type in adb install c:\Android.apk if the apk is located on the c drive.


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