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User Tricks #2: Browser

Here are a some easy tricks you can user to better navigate through the internet with your browser.

  1. Long press trackball on image to bring up "save image/view image"
  2. Long press trackball over url to bring up "open/open in new window/bookmark link/save link/share link/copy link url"
  3. Press menu to bring up browser menu (go to url/search/bookmarks/...etc).
  4. Press and hold the image for 3 seconds, a selection will pop-up either to save image or view image. It may contain more selections if the image contains a link. 
Phone Specific - Depends on your Android Device and its peripherals 
1) To Copy All, press Menu and A or Highlight text, press and hold TRACKBALL, select Select all
2) To Cut, press Menu and X.
3) To Copy, press Menu and C.
4) To Paste, press Menu and V or Press and hold TRACKBALL, select Paste  
5) Hold down ALT key and roll trackball for fast scrolling.
5) Press space bar for a fast scroll down.
7) Shift+Space goes up.
8) To activate the magnify glass on the browser click the trackball twice.
9) Click on the maginify glass to do a quick search. 
10) Use one finger to hold any position on the screen, and use the other to drag across to change the view zoom. (requires Multi Touch)

Other Useful Tips
Download ASTRO app to be able to download  zip and other files directly to G1.
Download Bookmark Backup & Restore to back up your bookmarks.
Clear Cache for faster navigation and response time(Settings->Applications->Browser->Clear)


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