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User Tricks #1: Increase Battery Life

Here are 9 easy tricks that you can use to get the most juice out of your Android battery. 
Increasing Battery Life
  1. Under-clock your cpu(for root users only). Download->over clocking widget->set cpu speed to lowest value
  2. Turn off GPS
  3. Reduce the number of start up apps 
  4. Restart phone
  5. Lower screen brightness
  6. Turn off Wi-fi when you are not around any wifi networks
  7. Turn off 3G Mobile Data Network - Settings--->Wireless Controls--->Mobile Networks and check the box that says "Use Only 2G Networks.
  8. Disable auto Data Sync
  9. Download and install "Power Manager"
  10. Disable back ground apps - [~JDBDogg]
  11. Turn off keyboard backlight (for Dream/G1 only for obvious reasons) with Backlight Off app. Only works on rooted phones. [~Chahk]
  12. Turn off any unnecessary noises or vibrations, such as for on-screen keyboard and games. [~AdamPI]
  13. Make sure your firmware and apps are up to date, efficiency may be improved. [~AdamPI]
  14. Use headphones. [~AdamPI]
  15. Turn off Bluetooth. [~AdamPI] 
  16. [~Yours goes here].
Keep the list growing guys.


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