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Passionate about the Android platform? Want to share your knowledge with the world? Then join Android Simplicity.

AndroidSim does everything from reviews to tutorials. That said, what we do not do is rehash news from other websites, write about marketing campaigns, or submit ad-like articles. The content must provide value and substance to our fans, while looking at the Android product/information from an objective point of view. If you are a self-motivated, android enthusiast who can deliver against the above conditions, then we want you to be in our team.

AndroidSim wants people who are passionate about the Android platform, and we realize that good work should be rewarded. Our contributors are paid based on the quality of their work. Like every other website, each article must go through the editorial process for review so that each piece can be evaluated during submission. 

Want to know more? Contact: TonyLe@AndroidSim.Net.

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