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Last Updated: 6/20/2011

Q: When I get a text from a contact on my Android it doesn't show the name just the number. How can I fix this?
A: The contact phone number in the phone-book has to match directly with the text phone number that you are getting. If there is any mismatch, the name will not show up.

Q: How do you delete apps?
A: The easiest way to delete apps is to download a free app called AppManager, there are a lot of them in the Market. You can also delete applications using Settings under Applications.

Q: How can you send ringtones to your friends?
A: 1. Tap messaging
2. Tap new message
3. Tap menu
4. Tap attach
5. Select item
6. Click Send

Q: How long can your audio/video be if your sending it?
A. Your maximum audio/video file size vary foe each emailing service but most can probably be up to 25MB.

Q: How do you get enable tethering / wifi hotspot?
A. Have a phone that includes it, and pay extra from your phone company to enable it.
2. Root your phone and then install an app to do it (no extra cost, but it will use up your data plan).

Q: How do I email to sms(txt)? Is it free?
A: Just type in the number as always when you are composing the email but except now you need the Carrier ID . So the format for the "To" field will now be "number@carrierid".
A: Email to SMS is always free through the internet. The question is if you have WIFI or if you have data plan. Data plan will cost you to use.

Q: How do I copy and paste from browser, email, or phone book? 
A: Long press on the text you want to copy and a "copy" menu should appear. Highlight the text and press the copy button. To paste, long press the location and  the "paste" menu should appear.

Q: How do I full-screen flash apps, videos, or games? 
A: Typically, flash video uses a player that has a small icon on the bottom left to extend the video to fullscreen like you would see in YouTube. However, to fullscreen flash apps and games, long press on the flash app/game until a small icon appears on the top left hand size. You may have to retry this many times as the browser may think you are "selecting"(appearing as though it is highlighted) the flash instead of "clicking" in it.

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